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Project Manager

Every translation project is assigned to a Project Manager who handles all communications with the client and translator(s). The Project Manager is readily available and has the authority and the responsibility to do whatever is necessary to provide the translation in a timely, cost effective, and accurate manner.


Silvergate translators are often natives of the target language, and are always comfortable with both the source and target text. Special focus is placed on formatting to reflect the appearance of the original document. Our translators are handpicked from among thousands of potential candidates, and have proven themselves time and time again.


After an initial translation is complete, the target document is thoroughly proofread, and any slight grammatical or textual errors that may have arisen in the initial translation are corrected.


Each completed translation is accompanied by a certificate of accuracy. This certification demonstrates the translator’s competence in both the source and target languages, and confirms that the translation is accurate according to the best of the translator’s knowledge and ability.


Silvergate has an established record of offering quick processing times without sacrificing quality.

    Some jobs will be done in a timelier manner, while others may take more time depending on:

    Sensitivity of the subject material

    Formatting Requirements

    Size of the

    Additional Proofreading Requirements

    Rush jobs are available. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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