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At Silvergate, we specialize in providing quality legal translations for all aspects of intellectual property. Whether your needs require translating complex litigation materials, evidence documents, trademarks, contracts, technical articles, depositions, or any other IP-related documentation, our translators can get the job done swiftly and accurately. Silvergate concentrates on the translation of all IP-related documents with close attention to both the legal and technological implications. Our large network of translators has translated thousands of patents in the intellectual property field, and we look forward to working with you.

By maintaining a team whose primary focus is IP law, we have the ability to stream a significant amount of resources to maintain the highest standards of quality in this field. It allows us to spend the necessary time ensuring that our translators’ linguistic skills and legal expertise are of the highest caliber. We are confident that our linguistic/legal team will meet your needs with quick and accurate patent-related translations.

IP Litigation

Professional linguistic support may be vital if you are an attorney involved in a high-profile intellectual property dispute involving long and drawn out litigation. Silvergate has assisted some of the largest law firms in the U.S. involved in patent litigation with translations from the document discovery phase through the months leading up to trial. During this period, many documents are provided and related international patents are encountered that require translation in a timely, efficient manner. We embrace these challenges and have the ability to work with you on a rush schedule. We offer certifications on all of our translations, which enhance their acceptability in courtrooms worldwide.

IP Prosecution

When you require a translation for filing an international patent in the U.S. or a domestic patent internationally, Silvergate can help. By having these translations performed domestically through our firm, thousands of dollars may be saved, as foreign associates often charge an enormous sum of money just for translations. Contact Silvergate today to see how we can help you cut costs, while maintaining the same quality offered by foreign associates.


IP Confidentiality

Confidentiality is a way of life at Silvergate. There are strong security measures taken within the teams working for a client. We always agree upon request to sign Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements, which are legally binding on all parties involved. Everyone who interacts with us on your project will sign these agreements to provide absolute confidentiality and security.

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